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Guaranteeing Fresh Air For The Whole Home

Regardless of the effectiveness of cooling and heating units, if the Indoor Air Quality is subpar, you will have a less than comfortable, potentially toxic atmosphere within your home. Air quality is even more critical for people with sensitivities, allergies and asthma, with the pollutants in the air capable of triggering medical episodes.

The global pollution endemic has continually worsened, with the EPA reporting that air pollution is ten times worse indoors than outside, even in the world’s most stuffy, smoky cities. The effect of this disturbing trend is recurrent illnesses, some minor, for example sinus congestion, while others are more grave, like lung cancer.

The structure of most urban buildings leads to poor ventilation—homes built to limit energy flow—trapping and recycling polluted and adulterated air to unwitting occupants of the homes. This is often the root cause of never ending cycles of sinus irritation, coughs, and headaches.

To improve the internal air quality, or IAQ for short, of buildings, we provide installations and maintenance of the following appliances:

  • HEPA Air Cleaner

  • Steam Humidifier

  • Bypass Humidifier

  • Media Air Cleaner

  • Electronic Air Cleaner

  • Dehumidification System

  • Ultraviolet Treatment System

The Value of Whole-Home Air Cleaner

To rid your home of dangerous, toxic air pollutants, an air cleaner provides the best value for money and results. Utilizing a Whole-Home air cleaner, you can eliminate impurities, no matter how miniscule, from the air you and your family breathe. From microbes to spores and smoke, the right air cleaner is a purchase your body will thank you for.

Here are a few damning facts about air quality, and the dangers of air pollution:

  • Over 90% of respiratory disorders are caused by impure, polluted air.
  • Over 30 million Americans, 1-in-10, has been diagnosed with asthma, and a third of these are children.
  • Around 10% of the population is allergic to cat and dog dander, which is a common fixture in pet-loving households.
  • Children inhale a larger proportion of air, and also pollutants, than adults, with regards to their relative sizes. A single person inhales over 3,500 gallons of air daily
  • Unseen to the eye, your home can be infested with dust mites—40,000 of these allergen can be present in a single ounce of dust.

How Whole-Home Air Cleaners Work

The beauty of air-cleaners is that you never see or hear them. Hidden away from view, and installed alongside your central heating and cooling systems, air cleaners work concurrently with your temperature control appliances—cleaning the air while they provide warmth or cooling.

With industry leading filters and an effective duct system, air cleaners trap impurities, then distribute purified air across the home as air-conditioned or heated air. The air cleaners also require little maintenance, needing occasional servicing once every few years, compared to the frequent maintenance required by portable air purifying units.

With your heating and cooling systems effectively serving as active air cleaners, the air purifying function is optimized, covering the breadth and scope of the entire house. Do not leave any traces of adulterated air in your home.

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